it's TIme for zingERMaN'S roAdhOuse to cElebRaTE AlL oF yOU!

Zingerman’s has had a fantastic year commemorating our 35th Anniversary, and the fun continues throughout the month of November at the Roadhouse! We have enjoyed every minute of our last 14 years with Zingerman’s and the Ann Arbor community, and we can’t wait to show you how much we appreciate the experience.

This past year has been one of transition for the Roadhouse, and we are excited for what the future holds. Thanks to Zingerman’s, our fabulous team, and all of you, we are growing and expanding into the best we can be. As Ari put it a few months back, “New relationships have been built, old ones have been strengthened.”

We would like to thank you for your dedication, your feedback, your commitment to the quality of our service and food, and most importantly, for making the Roadhouse your place to create memories over the years.

Let’s celebrate!

  • For the entire month of November, our head chef Bob Bennett will create daily tasting menus for only $35! Available for both lunch and dinner, each course will feature the best of what the Roadhouse is known for.
  • Are you signing up for the Arab American Special Dinner #217, with James Beard award-winning chef Ana Sortun? The 35th person to reserve a seat will win one of her fabulous cookbooks, Soframiz, a $35 value!
  • And every Monday, Zingerman's Roadshow will offer Roadhouse Joe coffee for only $0.35!

Join us as our team continues to make the Roadhouse your home away from home. We look forward to seeing you in November, and all the days in between.